Learn brazilian music

Personalized online classes: Singing and Guitar

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We start with a good conversation to get to know your interests, favorite artists, musical skills and your needs. Then we start to work on your repertoire, always considering your learning level. 

Play, Sing, Listen

You can choose your favorite songs for us to study in class. We will gradually work on the technical aspects needed for your evolution, including Harmony. To complement your training, we will listen to the masters and get to know the richness of brazilian and world wide music.

Access Anywhere

All the material produced in class (chords, scores, backing tracks, vocal exercises) is available for you in the cloud so that you can practice anytime, anywhere. Got any questions? Send me a message and we can solve it together.


About Maví

Maví is a teacher, guitarist, singer and composer from Brazil. He holds a bachelor’s degree in contemporary singing from FAAM (Faculdade de Artes Alcântara Machado) and a bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences from the University of São Paulo. He is also a certified voice teacher through New York Vocal Coaching (2021).

His work as a musician covers many genres such as Samba, Bahian music, Bossa and Jazz. His first album “Numa festa que imagino,” featuring ten authorial songs, was officially released and distributed on digital platforms in 2018 by Tratore. Maví has performed in cities such as São Paulo, Lyon, Paris, Lisbon (selected as part of the Cultural Promotion Program of Brazil’s Department of Culture, 2013) and Tehran (invited by the Brazilian Embassy in Tehran, 2014).


+55 11 95432-9061